Types of outbound campaigns

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Automatic Outbound Campaign:

is completely without the participation of the operators or at the request of the operator connects the subscriber.

The system dials the subscriber on the list of phones from the database on their own and at the connection connects a voice message or a voice menu with which a user will hear a prepared message for him.


In automatic campaigns results are offset when they meet the mood of expectation:
·        involved, listened to, disunite
·        % duration heard
·        XX seconds or listened to
·        listened to the key point
·        X makes switching IVR.

This is useful for alerts customers, for example, the timing or amount of debt on new products and opportunities. Campaign outgoing calls in the automatic mode, you can spend time outside of the main Call-center company.

Progressive outbound campaign:

suggests the presence of an operator when calling

According to the scenario, the system dials the call for a pre-arranged call list for the next caller and routes the call to the group of authorized operators on a given campaign. The operator on the screen pops up with the preliminary card Bell subscriber information. Next, the operator has a conversation based on the configured Dialogues.


In progressive outbound campaigns:

·        Registered on the campaign (connected to the campaign), the operators are listening to background music headsets and are ready at any moment to take the generated call
·        When finished talking, the operator is given a predetermined time to process the call and after that time to the operator immediately transferred to the next regular call from the call list.
·        In the group of operators once the call is routed to the operator of the first freed

This mode allows you to ring up customers online at a predetermined list of clients allocated from the customer base for any condition.

Mode "Preview":

before initiating the call system at the beginning of the operator reserves, which will be sent to the call.

After the backup is sent to the operator of the next scheduled call. Call is initiated only after the selection of the operator "to handle the call."


In outbound telephone campaigns with the regime «Preview»:

·        operator may decide whether to process the call now or refuse to handle (the operator has the opportunity to refuse this call, schedule it for another time, etc.);
·        Information about the next call comes to the operator as soon as the previous call ends.

This mode is suitable for making outgoing calls difficult when sales specialist contact center takes time to explore a particular subscriber, studying the history of interaction with him and his preferences, etc.

Mode "predictors":

This is a universal regime, which with the help of the settings can organize the system in any of the above modes except automatic.

Mode predictor produces substantial savings of time for processing calls in Call-center operators of between 15 and more. And the time savings up to 25%.


In outbound telephone campaigns with the regime «Predictive»:

·        operator may not refuse to process the call;
·        system continuously calculates the number of lines based on each statement so as to minimize their downtime waiting for the next call;
·    No hard script call. Information about the next call comes to the operator as soon as the previous call ends.

This mode can be used when a group of statements should be possible to upload work. Operators work almost without interruption (as soon as the operator hangs up to it immediately enters the next call to the processing is already connected with the subscriber). In this case, the operator all their time conducting itself "in communion". This mode of organization of outbound campaign is effective for the "cold" calls, but rarely admit to the VIP-clients.


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