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XRM Call Center - a modern contact center!

XRM Call Center - a modern contact center! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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The company "E-Consulting" is a solution for automated contact-center based Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
XRM ® Call center contains a variety of settings, inbound / outbound IVR, outbound predictive dialing campaigns using techniques: progressive, predictive, automatic and with a preview. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a complete record of all events in the customer's card, as well as call recording and automated situational dialogues and events of the relationship with the client, depending on the data accumulated by the previous and the expected operations of the client.

The main functional areas for the XRM ® Call center

·        Receive incoming calls

Effective and simple mechanism to receive incoming calls via an automated call-center, implemented on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A call to the entrance of your office, on the first ring creates Ring card in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, identifying the client, and only then processed in the handler of the ACD telephony.

·        Mass outgoing calls

To perform outbound dialing a list of subscribers Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to apply all types of outbound telephone campaigns based on the generator attempts to set up the necessary rules, the regime and call switching period.

·        Resource management

A flexible system of scheduling shifts and skill groups for distributed contact centers, which will predict the amount of work to calculate the need for operators to fix the wishes of operators on graphs to evaluate the work, the targets that have dedicated resources, to make the optimal schedule of employees in accordance with the law.


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